Mental Toughness for Sports Coaches

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Mental Toughness in Sport

You don't feel confident to coach the mental side of sport?
Develop your mental toughness and be the coach that can support athletes with
EVERY aspect of performance.

Supercharge your coaching

This will supercharge your coaching, giving you a great understanding of what mental toughness is and how it impacts sporting performance.

Become a better coach

If you want to be a great coach, then understanding and being able to develop mental toughness in yourself and others is the thing that will set you apart from the rest.

Improve Sports Performance

Mental toughness is the key to unlocking consistent high performance in sport. Just increasing mental toughness by a small amount can have a significant positive impact on performance.

Proven model of Mental Toughness

We use an established model of mental toughness that is easy to understand, has been thoroughly researched and successfully implemented in sport, business and education.

Most coaches lack confidence

Over 95% of coaches do not feel confident to support their athletes with the mental side of their sport. Why should you be one of these coaches? It's time to be different.

Less than 5%

As a coach, you will spend most of your time on the technical, tactical and physical aspects of your sport. On average, coaches spend less than 5% of their time on the mental side of sport.

The development you don't get

This is the stuff they don't really cover in your normal coach education. It's touched upon but in no depth and with no practical tools to help you.

Practical tools you can use

What you need are practical, proven mental toughness tools and activities that are simple to use with both you and your athletes.

What we offer

  • On-line courses for sports athletes and coaches in any sport
  • Courses for coaches at any level (grassroots, amateur or professional)
  • Courses for coaches of any age group (kids to adult)
  • Highly practical courses with a wide range of learning methods
  • Practical and relevant activities to help embed the learning into sport
  • Courses based on researched and successfully proven concepts
  • Downloadable practical activities for use in sport
  • Courses that can be accessed from a desktop PC, mobile or tablet
  • Courses that can be accessed any time from anywhere in the world

About Steve Dent

Born Bristol. Husband. Dad. Grandad to 3 awesome little ones. People Developer. Coach. Trainer, Training designer, NLP master. Mental Toughness specialist. CIPD qualified, MBTI accredited, ECB level 3 Coach. Never stops improving. Charity cyclist – Bristol to Bordeaux in 2019. Son is Glos CCC captain. Coached professional athletes. Led teams. Won awards. Motto: Help Many – Hurt Few – Live Life – Win Some – Lose None. I help people become better versions of themselves