Mental Toughness for Sports Coaches by Steve Dent

Mental Toughness for Sports Coaches

Calling all Sports Coaches

Finally some practical development on the mental side of sport

You're a sports coach. Maybe you've done the coach development courses for your sport or maybe you haven't but have been coaching for some time. You can coach technique, you can coach tactics and maybe some physical development, but you just don't feel confident to coach mental toughness. Well here it is. A practical on-line course that you can do in your own time, at your own pace, that gives you an in-depth knowledge and understanding of mental toughness in sport. You'll learn what mental toughness is, how mentally tough you are and how it relates to sport. It will really open up your eyes to how vital this is in sport and how coaches and athletes just cannot afford not to develop it.


Module 1. Mental Toughness for Sports Coaches - how to get the best from this course
a) A welcome from Steve
3 mins
b) You're a sports coach - why you should really take this course
c) Course Learning Outcomes
326 KB
d) The Course Format
f) Download the course workbook
1.93 MB
g) What do you want from this course?
41.6 KB
Module 2. So what is mental toughness?
a) The foundation - how we create our experiences
6 mins
b) Let's test out your understanding before we start
c) The origins and background to mental toughness
4 mins
d) What is mental toughness?
5 mins
e) Mental Toughness - The 4C's
f) So what do you now know?
f) Quiz summary (do the quiz first!)
Module 3. Mental Toughness - Control
a) Control - What this module covers
253 KB
b) Control in Mental Toughness
c) So how do you demonstrate control as a sports coach?
4 mins
d) Important - self-awareness is the key
1 min
e) Let's reinforce what you know about Control
f) Quiz summary (do the quiz first!)
Module 4. Mental Toughness - Commitment
a) Commitment - What this module covers
260 KB
b) Commitment in Mental Toughness
c) So how can you demonstrate Commitment as a sports coach?
5 mins
d) Important - self-awareness is the key
1 min
e) Let's reinforce what you know about Commitment
f) Quiz summary (do the quiz first!)
Module 5. Mental Toughness - Challenge
a) Challenge - What this module covers
242 KB
b) Challenge in Mental Toughness
c) So how can you demonstrate challenge as a sports coach?
6 mins
d) Important - self-awareness is the key
1 min
e) Let's reinforce what you know about Challenge
f) Quiz summary (do the quiz first!)
Module 6. Mental Toughness - Confidence
a) Confidence - What this module covers
257 KB
b) Confidence in Mental Toughness
c) So how can you demonstrate confidence as a sports coach?
6 mins
d) Important - self-awareness is the key
1 min
e) Let's reinforce what you know about Confidence
f) Quiz summary (do the quiz first!)
Module 7: Managing your own mental distortions
a) Mental Distortions - What this module covers
304 KB
b) Mental Distortions
c) Some scenarios to help you recognise and challenge distortions
5 mins
Module 8: Mental Toughness and Mental Well-being
a) Mental Well-being - What this module covers
383 KB
b) Mental Toughness = Positive Well-being
7 mins
c) Supporting the mental well-being of your athletes - part 1
d) Supporting the mental well-being of your athletes - part 2
g) Adverse Mental Health in Sport - some facts
Module 9: Taking the next steps
a) So how do you rate your mental toughness?
b) Revisit your pre-course thoughts from module 1 (g)
c) A summary from Steve
3 mins
d) Join our Facebook Community

What's Included

  • 45 learning modules
  • 26 downloadable resources for coaches to use
  • 12 videos (total of 51 minutes)
  • 7 quizzes to embed your knowledge as the courses progresses
  • Digital certificate upon course completion
  • Membership of closed Facebook community of like-minded coaches


Who is this course for?

If you coach any sport, at any level, any age group (from kids to adults) then this course is for you. 

Can I use the downloadable activities with my athletes?

Yes, you can. You will use them on yourself in this course as this is about developing your own mental toughness. However, those activities can also be downloaded and used with children and adults at any level.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes we do. If you're not completely satisfied with the course within the first 14 days, you can have a full refund of the price you paid for it.

Do you offer payment instalment plans?

If a payment plan is available for one of our courses, the option will be available on the payment page.

Is the course accredited?

Not at the moment. However, you will receive a certificate of completion for the course.


Steve was absolutely fantastic to work with on my Mental Toughness, it was not something I had ever come across before but the premise of actually working on my mental toughness was an absolute no brainer. It gives you at first the ability to know what you do well and what you do not so well and then Steve gives you the skills to deal with these issues. It has changed the way I practice and changed the way I play my cricket completely. Having a chance to actually test out some of the methods whilst I was away in the winter and seeing the reward of coping under pressure was such a great feeling. Along with technical training, I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to work with Steve to become a better performer in sport.
Ryan Higgins - Gloucestershire CCC
Steve has been brilliant in helping me overcome frustrating periods as a cricketer and go on to perform really well under pressure. His knowledge and passion around high-performance coaching and NLP is up there with the very best and it certainly feels like I have an edge over all my competitors.

Through working together both face to face and online I’ve seen significant improvements in my ability to develop skills quickly, stay calm under pressure and ultimately enjoy playing the game I love.  Steve has become a great mentor for me and I can always rely on him to go above and beyond to help me in any way he can!
Bhavi Devchand - Perth Scorchers & Western Fury
Steve came to our school and worked with cricketers from U12 through to U18 level. He also ran a session with over 20 of our sports scholars. All the sessions were very well planned, interactive and had a good balance of theoretical and practical activities. Both pupils and staff responded very well to the sessions and were fully engaged and focussed throughout. Mental toughness is definitely an area that pupils should work on and the resources that Steve brought with him, have provided a good platform for our students to build on. I would recommend Steve without hesitation and we will be looking to invite him back in to our school soon!
Richard Pandya - Head of Sport for Cricket, Prior Park College, Bath